Thursday, March 31, 2011

The First Good Day

Today was the first GOOD DAY of Spring. I think it was nearly 70 degrees at it's hottest point. I thought it was a brilliant idea to go to the Zoo. Unfortunately everyone else did too. Plus it was spring break. Oh well it was still fun.

JR got to see his cousins...

And feed the goats...

Then we went to visit Grandma and played on the trampoline...

After trampoline JR helped Grandma...

It was a totally awesome day. Hard to believe that JR will turn two in a week!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things we love about JR: He dresses himself...

For your viewing pleasure...what Jr picked to wear after I took his pajama pants off and changed his diaper: a blue coat and his irrigation boot. Sorry for the yucky phone picture! Look closely for the fruit snack stuck to his boot!
Whatever makes him happy, right?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things we love about JR: Sleeping Positions

I have always been a stomach sleeper for the most part and when I was pregnant with JR I slept on my stomach until about seven and a half months until I really couldn't stand it any more.

When we first brought JR home from the hospital he really wouldn't sleep except for in my arms or on the bed with me. Jared worked nights at that point so he wasn't really around to get up every two hours or less to help with Mr. I refuse to sleep.

Finally one day when my mom was babysitting him (I think he was about three or four months old) he fell asleep on her and she laid him down on his tummy and he slept for a miraculous four hours or so!

As it turns out, JR is just a stomach sleeper like mommy! I don't care what anyone says about how you should or should not position your baby when they sleep, do what works for you! For JR, he sleeps on his tummy and without crib bumpers he would be getting stuck all the time.

I love when I come into his room and he is sleeping, too bad I couldn't catch my favorite position on camera, the "on my stomach, head face down, arms to the side, rear end up in the air with knees tucked under" position.

And the best part is that no matter how he sleeps his hair always ends up like this:

Thursday, March 17, 2011


My family dog growing up had to be put down last week. Her name was Carmel and she would have been 13 in April. She was the best dog EVER!

Some of my favorite Carmel memories are:
1. When she was a puppy she used to go down this slide on the side of our deck to get from one level of the yard to another.
2. She liked to bite at bubbles.
3. She always had bad gas!
4. She was crazy for her tennis ball and would spend hours chasing it or walk to the park and interrupt the people playing tennis or she would simply play alone by putting the ball on the trampoline and then bouncing it off from underneath with her nose.
5. My dad bailed her out of jail more than once and spent more money for her to have surgery than you would ever believe.
6. She always knew when mom was getting ready to go camping in Grand Jean and would follow her around and I think even once she got in the car and refused to get out.
7. How once we lost her on a walk in Grand Jean and I thought there was no better place for you to get lost and die Carmel than up there because you loved it there.
8. She would fish for gigantic rocks in the river. She would walk out, put her head under water for the longest time and then pop up with a huge rock and bring it to shore where she would strategically place it somewhere before going after another. We think she was trying to build "Doghenge" or something.
9. Carmel's best friend for a long time was a little chiuaua named Pixie. They would always cuddle up together and take naps.

Carmel, if they let you read my blog in Heaven I want you to know how much I love you, how much I miss you, and even though I was happy to be there in the last moments of your life I was so sad to say goodbye. Please come greet me when I get to the other side.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Park with the Parkes

This afternoon it was so sunny and nice I decided that I couldn't deny JR the chance to get out and play because being outside is his most favorite thing in the world! I called up the family and the Parke's were able to join us. Sadly it was a bit windy and not as sunny when we went but JR still had a blast running around after his bigger cousins!

Jared and the boys tossing the football around...

I was trying to get a picture sequence going showing JR trying to run back and forth between the boys depending on who had the ball and when Zylan saw the camera he ran up to JR for the picture! What a couple of cuties!

There was a random jump rope lying around that the boys were playing with and Jared kept telling us how awesome he was at jump rope in high school when he was in his football fitness class. We made some "Uncle Rico" cracks and jokingly challenged him to show off his skillz and he actually got up and did it! And with a children's sized rope even!

I can't even describe how much I love this picture!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reasons why Dad is better!

Dad is better at cuddling!

Dad is better at tickling!

Dad lets JR's best friend on the couch!

Dad plays flying through the air games!

Dad helps JR get his groove on and dance!

Dad let's JR wear his work boots and badge!

What a cool Dad!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am in a weird mood.

I am in a weird mood. My thoughts are totally random and I can't seem to get organized so I am going to post about two things at once.

1. My mom was in the hospital for the better part of this week so we went to see her on Thursday night. There is a visiting room with lots of seating where we could close the door and keep JR contained. He was happy because he could reach the light switch and spent his time turning the lights on and off and pounding on the window. So silly.

2. Our house is riddled with disease. JR has had the sniffles for a while but has come down with another full on feverish, runny-nosed, coughing-fits, no good cold! The downside is that he hardly eats when he is sick and gets easily frustrated. The upside is we get to have frequent cuddle battles...

The other disease plauging our house is ringworm. Yup, Jared has ringworm. Apparantly he has had it for a while, he was just washing it really well and it was teeny-tiny small, but then he scratched it and irritated it and now it is about the size of a nickle. I think he didn't want to show me because I am a monkey and I love to pick at stuff but *shudder* I can hardly stand to look at his leg!

Nasty I know!

Ok, that is all. Don't come to the Loveland house because you will probably walk away with lepracy or something freaky!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boy in a box

It must be so nice to be JR, or any kid for that matter.
To be entertained by the littlest thing.
I looked over earlier tonight and saw this...
Seriously cute.
I wish I had a better picture but it was either capture the moment with a crappy phone picture in a dark room (I really lightened up the pics), or risk JR coming after me going to get the camera and miss the moment.
Right after this I grabbed his sippy cup because it was time for him to go to bed.
He thought I was just bringing it to him so he could have it in his little box, Hehe.

JR, today is the littlest you will ever be!