Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things we love about JR: He's CRAZY for bubble baths!

A few weeks ago I put some of my body wash in the tub and let JR have a real, full blown bubble bath. He totally loved it of course!

So then I bought a big bottle of Cars bubble bath and now he always asks for "cars, bubbles?" when he takes a bath.
Lately he has been laying down on his tummy during bath time and has even been putting his face, mostly just his chin and mouth, in the water. This is awesome because for whatever reason he started being afraid of laying back in the water last year. So I can't even lay him down to wash his hair, I have to dump water over him, which really makes him equally as mad. So this is good progress and makes me hopeful that swimming lessons this summer might not be so bad.
OK, now for the pictures Jared will be mad that I published. He hates that I have blackmail photos of JR in the bath. But his bum is so cute!


A few leftovers of JR checking out his new trike the day after Christmas...

And yes, his hair pretty much always is crazy when it gets long!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Whatchya talkin' about?

What has JR pirate been talking about?

New phrases in little man's vocabulary are:
I doh (*don't) like it....
Uses this one all the time. We will give him something new to try, like food, he will look at it without even tring it and say he doesn't like it. He even said it in regards to going poop in the potty when I was trying to toilet train him.

Ah too!...*Love you too...
Not to be confused with "Ahh choo", the fake sneeze. 
You can here him saying the "ah too" after I tell him I love him in the previous post.

Obviously this means "okay"  but it's the way he says it that cracks us up. He will say something to us like, "chocolate milk", and when we reply, "do you want some chocolate milk",  he replies with his "ohhhkayyy" and says it in such a way that you think it was your idea. Like you were the one who originally suggested it. Jared says he will be a great salesman someday because he will make his customers think it was their idea.

Sorry again about the terrible pictures!

Things we love about JR: He kinda has a lisp!

Sorry about the crappy quality of my cell phone videos. I have misplaced the charger for my camera and it is really getting annoying!

Anyway, the audi in this video is the priceless part. 
Turn up the volume, listen and enjoy!