Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things we love about JR: Chillaxin on the couch

It's been a while. I think I have been pretty good about blogging in the short couple of months that I have been doing it. My goal is to post at least once a week and I think my average has been a little higher than that but I kind of fell off the wagon on this blog. It has been 15 days since my last post. We have been busy enough that I haven't posted plus the things we have been up too have not been exciting enough to post about.

Really most of the posts on this blog are about JR anyway because it is a family blog and he is what we are all about, so here ya go!

The other day I gave JR a bath at the end of the morning and I wanted to keep him up a little longer so his hair could dry. It gets crazy when he sleeps anyway but if it is wet when he goes to bed there is no hope for it. So after I had dressed him I put in his favorite Elmo DVD and set him on the couch. He LOVES snuggling up in his fleece blankets with his sippy while watching his shows. I looked over to see this...

Not five minutes later I checked on him and saw this...

He was passed out cold and he NEVER falls asleep like that. He hardly even falls asleep on the car ride home from places late at night anymore. It was too cute.

A couple of days later JR found a Hastings bag that had the DVD "Kicking and Screaming" and he kept bringing it to me and saying "please" so finally I popped it in. He got all giggly and grabbed his blanket and sippy and settled in on the couch.

It cracks me up the way he puts his hands behind his head like that. He does it all the time in the car.

So finally, another sleeping position for you. I found JR like this on Thursday morning...

Friday, April 15, 2011


I had JR's hair cut kind of short and spikey around his birthday last year.
After a couple of days I vowed to never do it again.
It's not just the fact that he loses that "baby" look, it's the fact that his longer hair actually really suits him and just adds to the cuteness!
Anyway, I got his hair cut again today and I am about ready to make the same vow again.
What do you think?


OK, he is still cute, I am just saying I know for sure now how I prefer his hair.

Another question for you you think it is SUPER pathetic that my camera phone that I took the "After" pictures with takes better quality photos in good light than my actual camera does? The "Before" pictures were just a couple of shots from JR's birthday on my little digital camera and I have to say that those crappy shots were some of the better ones I got that day! Sad huh?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Day

On JR's actual birthday we kept it pretty low key.
He had his well baby check up where he stood on the big boy scale for the first time and we learned that he moved from the 3rd to 12th percentile in height since his 18 mo check up. Also, no shots when you turn two! Yay!
Then we went to McDonald's with Grandma Fritzley for lunch where she spoiled him with an ice cream cone.

That evening we had made plans to go to Nana and Papa's house for dinner so we brought a cake and burned a candle and did that whole charade.

Watch the progression below.
This is a kid experiencing a sugar overload...

And finally, defeated...

Love it. Cutest baby ever.
He pretty much crashed after his birthday party today too, but more on that later.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 Years Old

JR age 1 to 2...
 Words you say:
Juice. Please. Coat. More. Out. Cheese. Bath. Shoes. Up. No!
And you will repeat about a million others we say to you including poop and bum.

Things you LOVE:
Big boy shoes and BOOTS! Trucks and Tractors. Elmo. Music. Bandit aka "B".
Being Outside. Reading.

Cute things you do:
Put stuff in the trash when asked (and stuff that isn't trash when not asked). Fist Pump. High Five and Fist Bump. BOOOOOM. Sing and Talk in your crib at night or in the morning.

JR, we love you so much. It is hard to believe how fast two years has gone.
JR, Today is the littlest you will EVER BE!

Sunday, April 3, 2011