Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things we love about JR: He's CRAZY for bubble baths!

A few weeks ago I put some of my body wash in the tub and let JR have a real, full blown bubble bath. He totally loved it of course!

So then I bought a big bottle of Cars bubble bath and now he always asks for "cars, bubbles?" when he takes a bath.
Lately he has been laying down on his tummy during bath time and has even been putting his face, mostly just his chin and mouth, in the water. This is awesome because for whatever reason he started being afraid of laying back in the water last year. So I can't even lay him down to wash his hair, I have to dump water over him, which really makes him equally as mad. So this is good progress and makes me hopeful that swimming lessons this summer might not be so bad.
OK, now for the pictures Jared will be mad that I published. He hates that I have blackmail photos of JR in the bath. But his bum is so cute!

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